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Transparency news reports second half 2015

Since September 2014, the Open Government in the EU blog scans English-language online news outlets for news on EU transparency. Please find below the news digest of the second half of 2015. See also the news report digests for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016,  2015 (first quarter and second quarter), and 2014 (last quarter).

07/07/15// BBC: TTIP talks: Transparency call for EU-US trade disputes

07/09/15// EurActiv: EU needs compulsory transparency register to rein in Big Pharma lobbying

10/09/15// Politico: Transparency: Now you see it…

15/09/15// Euractiv: Trialogues: What goes on behind closed doors?

22/09/15// EP News: Economic policies: how Parliament insists on transparency and democratic accountability

05/10/15// Independent: EU Commission ‘lacked transparency’ over tobacco lobbyist meetings

17/10/15// Politico: Arias Cañete: ‘Transparency is a big change’

28/10/15// New Europe: President of Bundestag demands transparency in TTIP negotiations

1/11/15// Irish Times: New zero-tolerance approach is revolutionising how European regulators approach the veiled world of corporate lobbying

14/12/15// Politico: Commission agrees to boost revolving-door transparency