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EU transparency news reports in 2022

Since September 2014, the Open Government in the EU blog scans English-language online news outlets for news on EU transparency. Below, you can find the news digest for 2022.

Central topics in news coverage were opacities caused by the corona pandemic and the rule of law crisis, and the potential reform of the EU’s access to documents regulation.

Photo credit: Reuters

Recent academic publications on EU transparency

A number of recent academic publications emphasise new avenues of inquiry related to strategic (in)visibilities in EU decision making.

Civil society

Frontex, secrecy and security: control of information as strategy for institutional preservation

Frontex, a large and growing EU agency at the epicentre of the securitisation paradigm, has in recent months become embroiled in a deepening controversy over its alleged lack of transparency and accountability. The current path chosen by Frontex will eventually lead to an institutional crisis, Frontex experts Jane Kilpatrick and Mariana Gkliati argue.


European Parliament monitoring group report calls out Frontex transparency malpractice

Scathing report criticises Frontex for fundamental rights breaches and malpractices reducing transparency.

Still of the report’s author, MEP Tineke Strik. Credit: Strik’s twitter account.