Court limits protection of inspections exception in case against OLAF

EU spending watchdog OLAF loses access to documents case against Hungarian civil association after Court finds the protection of inspections cannot serve as a reason to refuse access after such inspections are closed.

Not as bright as on the brochure? Inhabitants of Gyál wanted to know whether their street lighting company had done more than a sloppy job. Image: excerpt from the Elios website.
Civil society Oversight

European Ombudsman launches stakeholder survey on access to documents

Survey comes in the 20th anniversary year of the EU’s first access to documents act (Regulation 1049/2001), and ahead of a dedicated conference to be held in November.


European Parliament monitoring group report calls out Frontex transparency malpractice

Scathing report criticises Frontex for fundamental rights breaches and malpractices reducing transparency.

Still of the report’s author, MEP Tineke Strik. Credit: Strik’s twitter account.

Making it seem better than it is

Comparison of European Parliament’s and the Council’s access to documents annual reports reveals discrepancies in the information shared, Sofia Sormunen shows.