Paris workshop to explore court lobbying

Scholars will address the conceptualisation, potentialities, and risks of lobbies that target courts.

On 14-15 September, a workshop is convened around the subject of ‘lobbying the courts’ at the Paris campus of the HEC Business School.

As the organisers note on the workshop’s website, the subject has up until now remained “largely understudied and as a result neglected in the relevant literature” in spite of the fact that such lobbies are in fact already “part of the lobbying toolbox routinely mobilized by both special and diffused interest groups”.

The workshop thus explores conceptual, empirical, and normative elements of this configuration of lobbying, through a series of paper presentations and a roundtable discussion.

The workshop follows in the tracks of earlier criticism concerning the European Court of Justice’s relative intransparency of both decision-making and proceedings. In 2021, on of the workshop’s organisers, law professor Alberto Alemanno, petitioned the Court to livestream its hearing in a the rule of law conditionality case brought by Poland and Hungary. The Court rejected this request, but half a year later unveiled its own live streaming policy.

Full information on the workshop, including its programme, can be found here.