Access Info EuropeSpain-based but pan-European transparency advocacy group

Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance Blogexpert blog on issues related to EU law and governance

AsktheEU.orgAccess to documents request portal offered by coalition of NGOs

Corporate Europe ObservatoryBrussels-based comporate lobbying watchdog

Council of Europe2009 Convention on Access to Official Documents

Council of Ministers

Europathe official website of the European Union

Europa Nuindependent repository of information about the European Union (Dutch)

Europa Transparency HomepageEuropean Commission portal for transparency and access registers.

European Information Association – NGO concerned with enhancing access to EU information (dissolved in 2012, website still up)

European Commission

European Ombudsman – investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union

European Parliament Archivescentral historical archives 1952-1999

European Parliament Legislative Observatorythe what, where, and when of all European legislation

EUR-LexEuropean Union law database

FREE Group – Fundamental Rights European Experts Group

Freedominfo.orgglobal network of freedom of information advocates

Friends of the Earthportal page on EU lobbying transparency

The Good Lobbynon-profit civic start-up aiding public interest causes

Investigate Europepan-European investigative journalism collective

Meijers CommitteeStanding Committee of Experts on International Immigration, Refugee and Criminal Law

European Alternatives – transnational grassroots organisation promoting European democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state

Prelexdatabase on inter-institutional procedures in the European Union

StatewatchLondon-based European civil liberties network

Transparency International – blog of the NGO’s EU office 

Transparency Research Networkglobal network of scientists engaged in research about transparency in the public sector

Votewatchtracks legislative procedures and voting behaviour in the EU

WikiLeakspublishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct