Legal reform Oversight

Dutch parliament solicits advice on EU transparency from Venice Commission

On 20 February, the Dutch parliament adopted a motion concerning the EU’s transparency policy.

The motion underlines the fundamental democratic importance of transparency as well as the risk-sharing and redistributive character of the Eurozone, followed by a request to the Venice Commission to issue an advice on “possible shortcomings and possible improvements to the democratic oversight of the European Union and the Eurozone by the Dutch parliament”. In particular, it requests the Venice Commission to focus on transparency of the legislative process, particularly trilogues, the EU’s budget and other financial resources, the Eurogroup and the ESM, the ECB, and the oversight of financial institutions under the Banking Union.

Legal reform Oversight

Members of Dutch parliament present draft European Information Law

On 17 March, two members of the Dutch parliament presented a draft European Information Law.

Implementation Oversight Research

Presentations and discussions on EU transparency across North-Western Europe

During the coming months, several presentations and/or discussions on transparency of the European Union are planned in which members of the Open Government project or affiliated researchers take part.

On Wednesday 2 November, the Dutch Parliament’s Standing Committee on European Affairs is to organise a roundtable discussion on the state of EU information provision. Invited as speakers are dr. Gijs Jan Brandsma (UU, Utrecht), prof. Deirdre Curtin (EUI, Florence), Maarten Hillebrandt (University of Bielefeld, Meijers Committee), and prof. Kees Groenendijk (Meijers Committee). Written contributions (one in English, two in Dutch), can be accessed here.

On Tuesday 6 December, dr. Guri Rosén will present and discuss a paper in the CERG seminar (Gothenburg, Sweden) entitled “The secret is out: How to account for the (lack of) transparency in EU external relations?”.

On that same day, Maarten Hillebrandt will hold a presentation on “Understanding the development of access to documents in the Council of the EU”, at the Law and Society seminar of the University of Bielefeld (Germany).

Update on 7 November 2016.

Implementation Oversight

Netherlands takes up the EU Presidency amidst both ambitions and concerns over transparency

The European Commission will meet the Dutch chambers of parliament behind closed doors, at the latter’s request.

Meeting Rutte
Dutch Prime Minister Rutte welcomes Commission President Juncker to Amsterdam, while the other members of the Commission cue up. The welcoming ceremony is one of the rare occasions that the public will be able to view during the Commission’s visit to the Netherlands.