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Transparency news reports January-March 2015

EU transparency in the news, January – March 2015.

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The Open Government in the EU blog keeps a regularly updated overview of news reporting on EU transparency since September 2014. This post contains an overview of reports over the first three months of 2015. News reports are collected through quick scans on Google news and the most relevant websites. While this news scan is in no way exhaustive or fully systematic, it does provide a nice overview of the direction that the transparency debate is taking over a period of months.

During the first quarter-year of 2015, EU transparency news focused predominantly on the (lack of) transparency around the TTIP negotiations and the issue of tax transparency sparked by the LuxLeaks scandal. A further item that continued to be debated in 2015 was the regulation and transparency of lobbying activities. A longlist of news reports is provided below.

Suggestions for additions or current news are warmly welcomed, via the twitter account @MZHillebrandt. –MH

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31/03/15// Parliament Magazine: MEPs unconvinced by commission’s ‘revolutionary’ EU tax transparency proposals

27/03/15// EUObserver: EU transparency rules ‘not truly effective’

26/03/15// EUObserver: Transparency and the EP: Talk but little action?

18/03/15// EUObserver: EU proposes new tax transparency rules

17/03/15// Sputnik News: Talks on EU-US Trade Deal Proceed in Utmost Transparency – Swedish MP

03/03/15// Telegraph: One in five MEPs earns more than €12,000 a year from other work

02/03/15// European Medicines Agency: Draft Proposal on Transparency Addendum

25/02/15// Radio Poland:  Poland applauds proposed EU energy solidarity, transparency

20/02/15// Tax News: EU Seeks Transparency On Corporate Tax

17/02/15// Insider Media: Cable calls for transparency over US-Europe trade deal

17/02/15// EUObserver: UK and Hungarian thinktanks least transparent in EU

16/02/15// IAM Magazine:  It is now incumbent on all sides to back full transparency at the EPO; and that does mean all and full

05/02/15// Malta Independent: European Commission pushes for full transparency for ISDS

03/02/15// Euractiv: Commission faces maladministration probe over TTIP secrecy

30/01/15// EUObserver: Top official demands transparency on EU expert groups

27/01/15// Economic Voice:  EU lobby register: still failing to deliver real transparency

27/01/15// Commission: Commission and Parliament Implement New Rules on Transparency Register

19/01/15// EUObserver: Transparency complaint lodged against EU commission on US trade deal

16/01/15// EUObserver: Passing the court of public opinion

16/01/15// Euractiv op-ed: For a fair, transparent and effective ISDS in TTIP

15/01//15// European Parliament: European Ombudsman: transparency a key concern for citizens in 2013

15/01/15// Financial Times: Letter to the editor: Ombudsman called for much more transparency on TTIP negotiations

14/01/15// EUObserver: Greens get cross-party support for LuxLeaks inquiry

14/01/15// Daily Sabah: Gov’t introduces transparency reform package to combat irregularities

07/01/15// European Voice: EU ombudsman calls for greater TTIP transparency

07/01/15// Euractiv: TTIP papers published as EU Ombudsman demands more transparency

02/01/15// Financial Times: UK oil groups face tougher transparency rules