Participating researchers

Below, the various participating researchers in the Open Government in the EU project (OGEU, 2010-2016) and the Transparency in the EU – From Reaction to Manifesto project (TrUE, 2017-2021), and ongoing research since then are listed.

A list of relevant publications produced by the participating researchers can be found here.

Currently active researchers

Maarten HillebrandtOGEU, TrUE. Maarten is assistant professor at the Utrecht University School of Governance, and editor of the Open Government in the EU blog. His research interests include transparency, quantification, meta-regulation, disinformation, and democratic governance. His publications have been published, among others, in the European Law Journal, the International Review of Administrative Science, the Common Market Law Review and the Journal of European Public Policy.

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Previously active researchers

Ida KoivistoTrUE. Ida is Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the Eric Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki. Her main research interests are the performativity of government transparency and algorithmic governance. Ida has published in Critical Analysis of Law, the Minnesota Journal of International Law, and the Nordisk Juridisk Tidskrift, among others.

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Päivi Leino-Sandberg TrUE. Päivi is Professor of Transnational European Law and Deputy Director of the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki. She has acted as an advisor for the European and the Finnish Parliaments on matters of European administrative and constitutional law. Her publications have appeared, inter alia, in the Common Market Law Review, the European Journal of Legal Studies, the European Law Review, and the European Constitutional Law Review.

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Liisa LeppävirtaTrUE. Liisa is doctoral candidate at the Eric Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki.

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Marta Maroni TrUE. Marta is doctoral candidate at the Eric Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki.

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Päivi Neuvonen TrUE. Päivi is assistant professor in European Law at Durham University.

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Daniel Wyatt TrUE. Daniel is doctoral candidate at the Eric Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki.

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The TrUE research project team.

Gijs Jan Brandsma – OGEU. Gijs Jan is associate professor at the Nijmegen University and guest professor at the University of Konstanz. From 2005 to 2009, he worked at Utrecht University as a PhD fellow in an NWO-funded project on accountability and the European Union. In his doctoral research, he focused on the accountability of ‘comitology committees’ in the European Union. Among other themes, he focuses on the openness of the European Commission vis-á-vis other European institutions.  

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Deirdre Curtin– OGEU, TrUE. Deirdre is Professor of European Law at the European University Institute in Florence. She holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (1989) and a Master of Legal Science (1983) from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Doctorate of Law (1991) from the National University of Ireland. The subject of open government has been an area of research interest since the late 1990s. Research foci include government secrecy and the relation with access to information, the relationship of transparency and participation particularly in relation to the supranational EU as well as more generally the accountability of executive power of the EU.

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Bettina Leufgen – OGEU. Bettina was a doctoral candidate at the Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University.

Albert Meijer – OGEU. Albert is Professor of Public Innovation at the Utrecht School of Governance. He has an MSc in Chemistry from Nijmegen University and a PhD in Public Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2002). The subject of open government has been his interest since 1997. He is mainly interested in the relation between open government and new technologies. He has extensively published on issues of transparency, accountability, public control, participation and new technologies in journals such as Public Management Review, the International Review of the Administrative Sciences, Information Polity and Government Information Quarterly.  

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