Academic Publications

This list shows all academic publications of the “Open Government in the EU” research project (Utrecht-Amsterdam, 2010-2017) and the project “Transparency in the EU – From Reaction to Manifesto?” (Helsinki, 2017-2021) that are directly related  to the topic (and subtopics) of open government in the EU. A number of key conference papers are also displayed in cases where these have not (yet) resulted in formal publications.


  • Maarten Hillebrandt, ‘Access to Environmental Information in the EU: A Great Policy No‐One Needs?’, Journal of Common Market Studies (early view, 2020)
  • Maarten Hillebrandt, ‘Het Duitse voorzitterschap van de EU-Raad: een kantelpunt voor transparantie van besluitvorming?’, Nederlands Juristenblad (2020)
  • Maarten Hillebrandt and Päivi Leino-Sandberg, ‘Administrative and judicial oversight of trilogues’, Journal of European Public Policy (early view, 2020)
  • Ida Koivisto, ‘Thinking Inside the Box: The Promise and Boundaries of Transparency in Automated Decision-Making 2020’, Academy of European Law, 1 EUI Working Papers (2020), 1-22.
  • Ida Koivisto, ’Globaalia läpinäkyvyyttä?’ Lakimies (forthcoming, 2020)
  • Daniel Wyatt, ‘The Anaemic Existence of the Overriding Public Interest in Disclosure in the EU’s Access to Documents Regime’, 21 German Law Journal 4 (2020), 686-701.


  • Maija Dahlberg, ‘Increasing Openness of Court Proceedings – Comparative Study on Public Access to Court Documents of the European Courts’, 132 Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap 3-4 (2019), 307–341.
  • Maija Dahlberg and Daniel Wyatt, ‘Is there a public interest in knowing what is going on in society? A comparative study of the European Courts’, 26 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 5 (2019), 691–712.
  • Maija Dahlberg, ‘Right of Access to Information and Positive Obligations in the European Convention on Human Rights: Yes or No?’, 4 European Human Rights Law Review (2019), 389–402.
  • Maarten Hillebrandt (2019), ‘Transparantie in de EU-Raad. Overmijdelijk en onmisbaar? Onverzadelijk en onuitvoerbaar?’, 28 Bestuurskunde 1 (2019), 78-88.
  • Stéphanie Novak and Maarten Hillebrandt, ‘Analysing the trade-off between transparency and efficiency in the Council of the European Union’, Journal of European Public Policy (early view, 2019), 1-19.
  • Ida Koivisto, ‘Transparency, Society and Subjectivity: Critical Perspectives’ Book review, 25 Res Publica 3 (2019), 439-443.
  • Päivi Leino-Sandberg, ‘Disruptive Democracy: Keeping EU Citizens in a Box’, in Inge Govare and Sasha Garben (eds.), The Future of Constitutional Democracy in Europe – A Legal Assessment (Hart publishing, accepted/in press, 2019), 295-316.
  • Daniel Wyatt, ‘Is the Commission a ‘Lawmaker’? On the Right of Initiative, Institutional Transparency and Public Participation in Decision-making: ClientEarth’, 56 Common Market Law Review 825 (2019), 825-841.
  • Daniel Wyatt, ‘Book Review of Vigjilenca Abazi, Official Secrets and Oversight in the European Union: Law and Practices of Classified Information’, 44 European Law Review 873 (2019), 873-876.
  • Sam Wrigley and Daniel Wyatt, ‘When Data Protection met Access to Documents’, 44 European Law Review 789 (2019), 789-808.


  • G.J. Brandsma (2018),”Transparency of EU informal trilogues through public feedback in the European Parliament: promise unfulfilled”, Journal of European Public Policy, early view
  • D. Curtin (2018), “Second order secrecy and Europe’s legality mosaics”, West European Politics 41(4), 846-848
  • M.Z. Hillebrandt (2018), “Twenty-five years of access to documents in the Council of the EU: Ever-greater transparency?”, Politique européenne 61(3), pp. 142-173
  • M.Z. Hillebrandt (2018), “Public Access to Documents in the EU, by L. Rossi and P. Vinagre e Silva”, book review, Journal of Common Market Studies 56(1), p. 205
  • Päivi Leino-Sandberg, ‘The Principle of Transparency in EU External Relations Law: Does Diplomatic Secrecy Stand a Chance of Surviving the Age of Twitter?’, in Marise Cremona (ed.), Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law (Hart Publishing, 2018), 201-223.
  • Liisä Leppävirta, ‘Book review of Anna-Sara Lind, Jane Reichel and Inger Österdahl (eds.): Transparency in the future – Swedish Openness 250 Years (Ragulka förlag 2017)’, Förvaltningsrättslig tidskrift, 2/2018.


  • D. Curtin (2017), “‘Accountable Independence’ of the European Central Bank: Seeing the Logics of Transparency”, European Law Journal 23(1-2), 28-44
  • D. Curtin, and P. Leino (2017), “In search of transparency for EU law-making: Trilogues on the cusp of dawn” Common Market Law Review 54 (6), pp. 1673–1712
  • M.Z. Hillebrandt and L. Leppävirta (2017), “On the Administration of Pollution: How Much “Space to Think” May the EU Claim?”, European Journal of Risk Regulation 8(4), pp. 791-797
  • M.Z. Hillebrandt (2017), “Transparency as a Platform for Institutional Politics: The Case of the Council of the European Union”, Politics and Governance 5(3), pp. 62-74
  • M.Z. Hillebrandt (2017), Living Transparency. The development of access to documents in the Council of the EU and its democratic implications, doctoral dissertation, University of Amsterdam
  • L. Leppävirta, and H. Darbishire (2017), “The right to ask…the right to know – The successes and failures in access to documents rules and practices from an NGO perspective”, in P. Leino-Sandberg, C. Harlow, and G. della Cananea (eds), Research Handbook on EU Administrative Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 399-422
  • E. Korkea-Aho, and P. Leino (2017), “Who owns the information held by EU agencies? Weed killers, commercially sensitive information and transparent and participatory governance”, Common Market Law Review 54(4), 1059-1092
  • P. Leino (2017), “Secrecy, Efficiency, Transparency in EU Negotiations: Conflicting Paradigms?”, Politics and Governance 5(3), pp. 6-15


  • M.Z. Hillebrandt and S. Novak (2016), “Integration without transparency’? Reliance on the space to think in the European Council and Council”, Journal of European Integration 38(5), pp. 527-540
  • D. Curtin (2016), “Open Government in the European Union: A Moving Targe”, in S. Blockmans and A. Lazowski (eds) Research Handbook on EU Institutional Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
  • Curtin and M.Z. Hillebrandt (2016), “Transparency in the EU: Constitutional Overtones, Institutional Dynamics, and the Escape Hatch of Secrecy”, in S. Blockmans and A. Lazowski (eds) Research Handbook on EU Institutional Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
  • S. Douglas and A.J. Meijer (2016), “Transparency and Public Value—Analyzing the Transparency Practices and Value Creation of Public Utilities”, International Journal of Public Administration 39(12), pp. 940-951
  • E. Ruijer and A.J. Meijer (2016), “National transparency regimes: Rules or principles? A comparative analysis of the United States and the Netherlands”, International Journal of Public Administration 39(11), pp. 895-908


  • V. Abazi and and M.Z. Hillebrandt (2015), “The legal limits to confidential negotiations: Recent case law developments in Council transparency: Access Info Europe and In ‘t Veld”, Common Market Law Review 52(4), pp. 825-846
  • A.J. Meijer, P. ’t Hart and B. Worthy (2015), “Assessing government transparency: an interpretive framework”, Administration and Society
  • A.J. Meijer (2015), “Government transparency in historical perspective: from the ancient regime to open data in the Netherlands“, International Journal of Public Administration 38(3), pp. 189-199


  • M.Z. Hillebrandt, D. Curtin, and A. Meijer (2014), “Transparency in the EU Council of Ministers: An Institutional Analysis”, European Law Journal 20(1), pp. 1-20
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  • M.Z. Hillebrandt (2014), “Two conceptions of democracy in the Council of the EU: narrow and broad, ACELG working paper series 2014-01

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