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Transparency news reports September-December 2014

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Since after the summer of 2014, the Open Government in the EU blog is keeping a regularly updated overview of news reports related to transparency and access to documents in the context of the EU. News reports are collected through quick scans on Google news and the most relevant websites.

While this news scan is in no way exhaustive or fully systematic, it does provide a nice overview of the direction that the transparency debate is taking over a period of months. The aim is therefore to present to our readers, next to the news roll on the right side of the blog, a three-monthly overview of all reports collected, beginning with the final months of 2014. Suggestions for additions or current news are warmly welcomed, via the twitter account @MZHillebrandt.

See also the news report digests for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016,  2015 (first quarter, second quarter and second half). –MH

22/12/14// The Register: EU breaks ‘legally binding’ lobbying register promise

19/12/14 // European Voice: EU leaders back greater transparency for corporate tax deals

17/12/14 // European Observer: EU takes on corporate secrecy

15/12/14 // IFEX: EU brings some transparency to dialogue with China

11/12/14 // EUObserver: EU commission bans public scrutiny on US data talks

09/12/14 // EUObserver: MEPs want new EP group on transparency and corruption

03/12/14 // EUObserver: Italy seen as corrupt as Greece, Romania and Bulgaria

02/12/14 // European Voice: Rush to register as Commission’s transparency regime begins

01/12/14 // Parliament Magazine: EU needs ‘transparency in every aspect’, says youngest MEP

25/11/2014 // Euractiv: Analysts support increased transparency to fight tax havens

25/11/14 // EUObserver: EU commission to publish more trade documents in bid for public support

20/11/14 // European Voice: Meetings with lobbyists to be disclosed

20/11/14 // Euractiv: Payment card ruling could open new era for EU transparency

19/11/14 // EUObserver: EU commission promises transparency on lobbyists and US trade talks

15/11/14 // European Voice: Commission sets tough disclosure rules

13/11/14 // Ask the EU: Interview with Vicky Cann (Corporate Europe Observatory)

06/11/14 // EUreporter: Ombudsman welcomes ECB decision to release ‘Irish ECB letter’

31/10/14 // RIA Novosti: Watchdog Urges New EU Commission to Ensure Transparency in Enlargement Negotiations

31/10/14 // AccessInfoEurope: Recommendations on TTIP Transparency Presented to EU Ombudsman

27/10/14 // Blogactiv: Access to Documents – Another Thrilling Episode

23/10/14 // European Voice: Greater transparency on clinical trials fails to satisfy critics

22/10/14 // AccessInfoEurope: Lack of Transparency Leads to EU Expert Group Budget Freeze

22/10/14 // EUObserver: MEPs withhold millions from EU commission over transparency

02/10/14 // TI EU blog: The state of transparency in the Council of the EU

15/09/14 // EUObserver: MEPs threaten budget suspension over transparency

13/09/14 // Euractiv: Malmström plays transparency card, but gets timid applause

31/07/14 // Euractiv: EU Ombudsman demands more TTIP transparency