Regulation 1049/2001 anniversary event now online for viewback

TrUE / OGEU blog webinar marking the 20th anniversary of Regulation 1049/2001 on public access to EU documents can be viewed back on the Eric Castrén Institute website until 31 August.

Webinar streamable until 31 August

On Friday 28 May, an webinar, organised by the Academy of Finland-funded TrUE project in cooperation with the Open Government in the EU blog, was held via zoom. The event brought together academics from various expertise areas, decision makers, and NGO representatives in order to take stock of Regulation 1049/2001 on public access to EU documents and reflect on its inception and challenges for the future.

The event can now be viewed back via the website of the Eric Castrén Institute at Helsinki University’s Law Faculty for those who were unable to attend. It will stay online until 31 August.

Programme and topics addressed

The programme consisted of two panels, one composed of stakeholders (“perspectives from practice”) and one of academic researchers (“analyses from academia”). Presentations touched upon member state interests and differences in administrative culture, the role of the European Parliament in the negotiations, strategies of circumvention of, and dormant element in the legislation, the application of Regulation 1049/2001 to agencies, and its functioning in practice and effects on the decision-making process. In addition, speakers addressed the functioning of the right of access in relation to international agreement negotiations, environmental protection, and lobby regulation.

All in all, the webinar offered a rich and diverse mosaic of issues that have surfaced over time as Regulation 1049/2001 was put into practice. It was given further contours with two interventions by respectively the Finnish and Swedish Ministers of Justice, holders of the EU transparency dossier in their governments, in which they set out their agenda and priorities with regard to Regulation 1049/2001.

The full list of speakers can be found alongside the video. For viewback of specific contributions, the timing of the webinar is as follows:

Opening of the event: 00:00:00 
Opening remarks Finnish Minister of Justice: 00:09:05 

Beginning of Panel I: 00:14:39 
Closing remarks Panel I: 01:15:50 

Beginning of Panel II: 01:25:40 
Closing remarks Panel II: 02:27:16

Closing remarks Chair: 2:38:09 
Closing remarks Swedish Minister of Justice: 02:41:15 
End of the event: 02:48:34

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