Civil society Oversight

European Ombudsman calls on Commission and Council to take more transparent stance in rule of law crisis

In her acceptance speech of Europe Prize awarded by the University of Flensburg, O’Reilly warns of loss of legitimacy in citizens’ eyes if EU’s rule of law standards are not applied transparently.

Credit: Europa-Universität Flensburg press service.

Call for Expressions of Interest: The Shared Management of EU Funds in Comparative Perspective

Three researchers organise exploratory workshop in Brussels in 28-29 April 2022, with long-term aim of creating research community in the area of NGEU spending implementation.


Council faces new wave of judicial scrutiny of its access to documents policy

Three recent cases mark an end to the lull in access litigation against the Council of recent years.

Credit: Corporate Europe Observatory.
Legal reform

Parliament and NGOs challenge the Council over secrecy of national fishing quotas control

Ongoing legislative trilogue negotiations expected to see a tug-of-war after Council favours a roll-back of a more ambitious Commission proposal advanced further by European Parliament amendments. At stake is the transparency of national controls of fisheries’ compliance with EU quotas.

Credit: EU Fisheries Control Coalition.