New Parliament resolution again berates Frontex for its intransparency

Resolution is European representatives’ second formal admonition against agency’s opacity within the space of a few months.

Civil society

Interview with co-authors of NGO report on RRF spending transparency

A recent report by the Open Procurement EU Coalition warns that the EU is on track to repeat corruption scandals like those that arose during the pandemic. Co-authors Rachel Hanna and Helen Darbishire: “Business as usual isn’t good enough”.

Rachel Hanna and Helen Darbishire. Credit: Access Info Europe.
Legal reform

Council adopts new voluntary guidelines on Presidency sponsorship

Guidelines contain non-compelling language and continue to suggest that the Presidency is not part of the Council.

In 2019, the Romanian Presidency caused a stir when it accepted sponsorship from sugary fizzy-drink producer Coca-Cola.

Council working group to hold closed-door round table on decision-making transparency

Confidential informal remote meeting organised by the Portuguese Presidency contrasts with large-scale event organised by the 2019 Finnish Presidency.

A Council working party meeting in 2018.