Civil society Jurisprudence

Commission desists from appealing court ruling following plea by NGO coalition

Hungarian and European NGOs sent letter to Commissioner Vera Jourová urging her to let the politically sensitive Homoki access ruling concerning misapplication of funds become final.

Legal reform

Confidentiality of Council’s national tax laws discussion group under scrutiny

Notorious Code of Conduct Group has operated in secrecy for twenty-four years, a norm that is again called into question now that the group’s mandate comes up for revision.

Credit: RECONNECT blog.
Legal reform

Commission launches proposal for transparency of political advertising

Proposal, if passed, would oblige all political advertisements in the EU to enclose a transparency notice with vital information regarding origin, audience, and costs involved.

German campaign posters for the last European elections. Credit:
Legal reform Oversight

European Ombudsman conference: Technological change, legal reform?

Part II: The expert panel sees problems aplenty with Regulation 1049/2001 – but not everyone is keen to trade it for something else.

Conference signals start of a broader call to reopen revision of EU access to documents law. Second part of two reports on where the EU stands with access to documents.

Credit: @GundiGadesmann / European Ombudsman