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Government Transparency and Trust

Friday, January 13th, 2012

This morning, Utrecht School of Government researcher Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen was awarded a doctorate for his dissertation on transparency and trust.

In his dissertation, Grimmelikhuijsen delved into the complexities of a widely held expectation of transparency: that citizens will trust their government more if they have more information about it. In order to study this question, Grimmelikhuijsen chose for the methodological interesting angle of an experimental setting, working with self-designed transparency websites as templates. The research was co-supervised by Open Government in the EU team member dr. Albert Meijer, while prof. Deirdre Curtin of our team was on the reading committee. The Ministry of Home Affairs has already shown interest in the dissertation and will be discussing its implications for policy during its next ministerial meeting. Grimmelikhuijsen will continue to investigate the impact of government transparency in a post-doctoral programme at the USG.

A press statement about the dissertation can be found here.

Finally, the First Global Conference on Transparency Research

Monday, June 20th, 2011

On 19 and 20 May 2011, the first Global Conference on Transparency Research was held at Rutgers University, Newark, USA.

This was the first conference on transparency matters on a global scale, in many ways very relevant, one might even say overdue, in the light of such current developments as the reform of the EU access to documents law and the Wikileaks controversy. It was co-organised by expert researchers with a long-standing interest and extensive experience in this research area such as Suzanne Piotrowski, Alasdair Roberts, Jean-Patrick Villeneuve and Lorenzo Hall. (more…)

Public Matters: Government Transparency

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

This year, the Utrecht School of Governance (USG) celebrates its tenth anniversary. As part of the festive programme which has been taking place throughout 2010, the USG will hold a conference synthesising past interests and achievements of the department, while also looking into future fields of research. All of this will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November of this year, under the suitable and multi-interpretable name of “Public Matters”.

The Open Government in the EU project will also be represented at this conference, organising a workshop on “Government Transparency”.  At this workshop, the ongoing transparency research at Utrecht University and other Dutch universities will be presented. Moreover, three renowned international academics in the field of transparency research have been invited to present papers on their recent research work in this field. (more…)

ECPR 5th Pan-European Conference in Porto

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

From 24-26 June, two of our project’s team members, prof. Deirdre Curtin and dr. Gijs Jan Brandsma, will be attending the 5th Pan-European Conference on EU Politics in Porto, Portugal. This conference is co-hosted by the University of Oporto and the University Fernando Pessoa and discusses research progress in a wide array of policy- and politics-related subjects in the context of the EU. Prof. Curtin and and dr. Brandsma will here be presenting some of the progress made by the Open Government in the EU project.