Implementation Jurisprudence

Parliament rebukes Frontex for role in recent access proceedings

Non-binding resolution accompanying decision to postpone discharge of Frontex’ 2019 budget expresses concern about potential ‘chilling effect’.

Photo: Frontex Headquarters in Warsaw.

Twenty years of Regulation 1049/2001 on Public Access to EU Documents: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

This public online event is organised by the Academy of Finland-funded TrUE research project in collaboration with the Open Government in the EU blog. It brings together practitioners, civil society representatives, and academics to reflect on the first two decades and future of the EU’s first access to documents law. Details about the webinar and how to participate can be found below.


New Commission document portal in the making

New one-stop, open-source document portal should be up and running by the summer.

Civil society Jurisprudence

EU Court orders Frontex to reduce legal bill recuperated from transparency activists

General Court decision draws a line under 22-month litigation saga between activists and EU border protection agency and indicates its willingness to protect access to justice in the field of access to documents.

Semsrott and Izuzquiza in front of the Frontex headquarters in Warsaw.