Call for Expressions of Interest: The Shared Management of EU Funds in Comparative Perspective

Three researchers organise exploratory workshop in Brussels in 28-29 April 2022, with long-term aim of creating research community in the area of NGEU spending implementation.

The current rule of law crisis has understandably brought to the fore discussions on whether the use of the Recovery and Resilience Funds (RRF) should be tied to respect for rule of law (among other options being examined). The RRF and the EU’s common recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic are particularly pressing issues. 

The EU distributes billions of euros through various funding programs (of which the structural funds are the most important) and works together with Member States under the so-called shared management to ensure that the funds are used duly and effectively at the national level.

Yet we know relatively little of the national governance of EU funds, how Member States implement funding programs and how they collaborate with the Commission. 

We think that it is high time this omission was addressed. For this reason, we are convening an exploratory workshop in Brussels in April 2022. But we do not simply want to organize another workshop and leave it at that. The purpose is to create a research community in this area to enable vibrant research activities and academic collaboration in the future. 

So all aficionados of EU law, shared administration, transparency studies, accountability, environmental law (including fisheries and agriculture) and so on, please join us! We are encouraging EU law scholars in particular to open their eyes to the interesting vistas of EU funding and shared management but we obviously welcome political science as well as scholars from other disciplines, as well with open arms. 

This call is an initiative of dr. Mariolina Eliantonio (Maastricht University), dr. Emilia Korkea-aho (University of Eastern Finland), and dr. Nikos Vogiatzis (University of Essex). The full call can be found here.